Employee Policy Development

Personal computers, cellphones, Instant Messaging, blogs and wikis make us more efficient, and permit employees to work from outside the office; the lines between “personal” and “work” have become almost invisible. Your company‘s competitive advantage depends on your employees‘ ability to make the most of available communication technologies, but each new tool brings with it new risks. Compounding the problem is the increasing push by employees to use their own technology (e.g., home computers, personal cellphones) to access and process company-owned information (e.g., email).

We’ll work with you to survey the tools and technologies used by employees (in business operations and possibly-related activities like blogging), and to survey the existing set of company policy pronouncements. Then, we’ll help you design a simplification plan to consolidate the myriad of policies into an integrated, manageable whole. We’ll also help you decide which of these rules ought be formal company “policies” (approved by the Board or Audit Committee, and accompanied by formalized enforcement procedures), and which should be issued as less formal “Practices” or “Statements” (particularly appropriate with emerging technologies). Throughout this process, we’ll make sure that your new policy framework is consistent with emerging best-practices, evolving law, and your company’s operational requirements.

This will remove inconsistencies, and enable employees to focus on the concepts that really matter: avoiding mistakes, preserving the company’s reputation, and protecting company information assets. We have a set of training modules for these issues, and we’ll help you tailor these for your environment and culture, so that employees understand the issues, and avoid the problems.