What are the benefits to me and my team?

In any activity with a learning curve; knowledge management can accelerate the learning, drive down costs, increase efficiency or up-time, and give a safer operation, whatever is relevant to your business.  Knowledge management can also eliminate the unlearning curve, so that knowledge can be accessed in ten years time, as fresh as it is today.

The majority of your business challenges will not be unique to your team.  The chances are that someone, somewhere in your business, has already solved most of the problems you are facing.  Why not access their knowledge via a Peer Assist?  Bring it in during the planning stage (build a better plan) and during the operations phase (access the wider pool of experience).

There is no longer any merit in solving things for yourself. Rather, the merit lies in delivering your business objectives faster, cheaper, safer and cleaner.  If there is knowledge out there which can help you, then get hold of it as soon as you can.

“Most activities or tasks are not onetime events. Whether it’s drilling a well or buying a company, conducting a transaction at a service station, we do the same things repeatedly. Our philosophy is fairly simple: Every time we do some thing again, we should do it better than the last time.”—John Browne, Chief Executive Officer of BP Amoco, in Prokesh (1997), “Unleashing the Power of Learning” (Harvard Business Review)

“The only sustainable advantage is what you know, using what you know, and how fast you can know something new. There is nothing else; nothing else that is sustainable.”—Larry Prusak, IBM