“Knowledge Management: Addressing Business Imperatives”

Overview of knowledge management topics and issues (from 2004-2006); animated PowerPoint presentation here.

“Measuring KM Activity and Progress”

(Knowledge Leadership Forum, New York, April 2007; by Reid Smith and Vince Polley). PowerPoint presentation on measurement techniques in knowledge management initiatives here.

Enterprise Social Software (Christian Gray, Craig Honick; IT Conversations; 14 April 2008)

Very interesting discussion of current uses (and likely expansion) of various “social networking” tools in companies, and the knowledge-management/productivity implications. Discusses how tools (e.g., wikis, instant messaging, twitter, SecondLife, podcasts, blogging) can affect productivity and effect collaboration. Discusses inward-facing uses of these tools (e.g., within the enterprise‘s firewall) and outward-facing uses (e.g., facilitating the emergence of customers‘ communities). Discusses how some implementations may occur informally (e.g., using no-cost software within a department), and how such efforts may run afoul of company policies (e.g., on IP protection). 48 minutes: here. For analysis of the policy implications, see Polley’s ABA video-podcast “Blogs, Social Networking and Web 2.0” here.

Enterprise 2.0: How Organizations Are Exploiting Web 2.0 Technologies and Philosophies

(Andrew McAfee, Berkman Center, 13 January 2009) - “Over the past few years a wide array of “Web 2.0” technologies and communities have appeared on the Internet; these include Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, YouTube, and del.icio.us. Organizations are in the early stages of incorporating these tools into their work, a phenomenon I call “Enterprise 2.0.” In this talk I‘ll give examples of Enterprise 2.0, folding them into a simple model intended to communicate the different categories of benefits conferred.” One hour: here.